Sending Broadcast

In this article, we give you detailed information for creating, sending and scheduling your broadcast messages. To create a new broadcast click on Add New button which is located at header section of broadcast message grid.

On next screen, a message builder will be appear similar to below image:

This broadcast message builder is divided into two section: 1. Left section which contains your broadcast message controls (text, buttons, images, videos, etc.) and 2. Right section from where your can apply configuration for broadcast.

Compose Message

Let's get started with left section i.e. compose broadcast message. Botgento allows you to add multiple controls for single broadcast campaign. You can add predefined controls like texts, texts with button, gallery, list, image, audio, video, and attachment. To know more about all this controls refer below link:

Within same section you can find PREVIEW button which will shows you preview of your draft message. Note that if you used any predefined variables inside message content it won't be substitute in preview.


In configuration section, you can apply broadcast title, your targeted recipient, sending option and notification setting.

Message Title

Let you identify your broadcast by giving appropriate broadcast title.

Target Audience

Here your can define target audience condition which will filter your subscriber list. First thing you need to set is rule condition which means the rule you define should be all matched or any matched condition. If you set ANY OF THE FOLLOWING condition system will picked all those subscribers who're matched in any condition. As opposite to this if you set ALL OF THE FOLLOWING condition system will picked only all matched rule subscribers.

After selecting condition you can define desired rule as your convenience. You also be notice refresh recipients count which is highlighted with background color once you applying rule. To filter your audience you can apply rule based on below list:

  • Gender of subscriber

  • Locale used for subscriber localization

  • Subscribed date i.e. opt-in date of subscriber

  • Last Interaction date of subscriber

  • Full name of subscriber

  • First name of subscriber

  • Last name of subscriber

  • Timezone of subscriber

Each fields have their own criteria for comparing value.

Important: 1. All those subscriber who opt-out by themselves through unsubscribe keywords or who're soft opt-out through Botgento Subscriber page are not included in recipient list. 2. Your subscriber limit will be applied as per your website subscription plan into Botgento sending message is restricted beyond that limit. Check Botgento pricing page for more detail about subscriber limit.

Schedule Broadcast

Here you can set your broadcast sending delay, choose Send now if you want to send it immediately. Instead of immediate sending If you want to schedule broadcast delivery on specific date time either is UTC, Website or Subscribers Local timezone choose Send later option. You can picked any suitable upcoming date and time. Note that past date and time is not accepted.

Notification Setting

This setting is apply to Facebook message API to notify subscriber on message arrival. There are 3 different types of notification setting available for received message:

  1. Regular push this is the default notification type. If message is sending with regular push recipient will get notified with notification sound and vibration as per their messenger setting.

  2. Silent push this will notify recipient with on screen notification only no sound and vibration will happens.

  3. No push is use to send messages without any notification and sound alert.

That's it, you're ready to send or schedule your broadcast campaign.

You're all done send or schedule your broadcast and notify your loyal customer about your business.

You can submit your concerns to our help center.