Persistent Menu

The persistent menu allows you to set navigation to help Facebook page subscribers to discover and more easily access your functionality throughout their conversation and is always available.

You can easily configure this menu via Botgento panel. To do so, navigate to Customization > Persistent menu page which looks like below screen.

Here, you can create single or nested level persistent menu from left section of this page. Note that maximum 3 items to top navigation, maximum 5 items for nested menu and up-to 3 hierarchy is allowed. Refer Facebook Persistent menu reference for more details.

There are 4 different item type available which you can configure for persistent menu. 1. Sub-menu If you want to set current item as parent node, select its type to Submenu.

2. Link Allows you to set external URL link for menu item.

3. Blocks Assign blocks as menu item which will rendering selected blocks while clicking on it. You can choose multiple block at once.

4. Actions Allows you to set predefined methods for particular item. You can choose any of below method:

  • SHOPMORE which shows Magento catalog details

  • MY ORDER shows recent 5 orders

  • MY WISHLIST will list subscriber wishlist

  • SUBSCRIBE allows to opt-in for messenger updates

  • UNSUBSCRIBE give ability to opt-out for updates

Any changes made in persistent menu is reflected after few minutes in messenger and also require reloading messenger window.

If all goes well, you can see persistent menu in Facebook messenger similar to below screen.

Head over to Facebook Best Practices before customize persistent menu.

You can submit your concerns to our help center.