Facebook Page Inbox

We build this feature to allows you to managed your Facebook page inbox conversation within the Botgento dashboard. You can communicate and response your subscribers queries without any delay.

To access your Facebook page live chat, head over to Botgento > Live Chat page. The live chat window is divided into three section subscribers list, chat messages / history and selected subscriber details.

Subscribers List

Inside this section, you'll find all subscribers who're opted in your Facebook page bot. For your ease of use, we added quick search, live chat state (active / inactive) and sorting function which will help your to jump your conversation more quickly.

With the help of top search bar, you will find your subscribers by their name. Searching will be perform to selected state of chat status.

Chat Status

You can categorize your subscribers by active if they currently communicate with them and marked them as inactive once wrapped the conversation. Toggle subscribes by their state with the help of Active / Inactive drop down selection. By selecting any subscriber's you will get the MARK AS ACTIVE and vice-versa button to change the state of their conversation.


You'll able to sort your subscribers list by newest and oldest first by message sending time.

Chat Messages / History

You won't able to load chat history of any subscribers prior to 23rd January, 2019

Here, you'll get the messages conversation between you and your subscribers. You can draft and send messages to your subscriber using text area locate beneath the chat history panel.

Botgento allows you to send plain text, emoji's, attachments and images to selected subscriber.

If any subscribers interacted with your page more that 24 hours ago, you won't send them any promotional content messages. As per Facebook Messenger restriction, you can't send any promotional content (e.g. offers, deals, discounts, etc.) beyond this 24 hours limit. However, you can respond for any service related issues which reported by this subscribers through your Facebook page Messenger or to give them updates for the same.

Subscriber Details

This section will shows you details about selected subscribers. Within same section, you'll find pause automation timer so subscriber won't received any automated messages during live chat session.

We launched this feature as beta, your suggestion is warmly welcomed. It helps us to make best it can be. Feel free to reach us any time.

You can submit your concerns to our help center.