Blocks are collection of multiple controls. Inside each block you can add maximum 20 control at once. You use block as CTA response, persistent menu item, and many more. You can associate different block by linking to each other using button with Blocks as button type under Text, Gallery or List controls. It's a kind of reusable templates which will use as response for your chatbot.

To manage your block, navigate to Customisation > Blocks page where you can find two different panel similar to below image.

Here, on left section of this page you can add controls to your block. While on right side of panel you can manage you blocks and their groups. You can assign blocks as a response of button or keywords, so when your bot’s subscriber taps the button they'll receive all the messages the new block has inside.

Blocks Group

You can create bundle of blocks as group for your convenient and easily identify your blocks location.

Withing each group of blocks, you can find add block, duplicate block group or delete individual block group buttons. By selecting any block, left panel will loads their controls which allows you to customize their contents.

Refer below page to know more about controls:

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