In Botgento, there can only by one Account Owner per website, but account owners can invite collaborators to website who will manage particular website on behalf of owner.

Inviting collaborators is possible by navigating to Settings > Collaborators page. Where you can find two different panel which shows you your website collaborators list and pending invitation lists.

Collaborator List

Here, you'll find all collaborators of your website. To invite new co-worker click on INVITE NEW COLLABORATOR button by clicking on that button a new modal popup will display. Within modal popup you can enter multiple email by comma separated similar to below screen.

Inside each collaborator row you'll get trash icon which allows you to remove any collaborator from your team. Note that, while deleting collaborator the data saved by them will be kept for website owner.

Pending Invitation

The second tab of this page will shows you pending collaborator invitation list.

Here, you will find all those collaborators who are not accepted your invitation yet. With the help of REVOKE INVITATION you can cancel particular invitation at anytime. If want to notify collaborator for invitation you can send invitation by clicking on RESEND INVITATION button.

Your website collaborator will able to access all section of website except billing, we recommend to invite only trusted person.

You can submit your concerns to our help center.