Customer base is a crucial part of any business growth especially if its related to marketing.

From the dashboard of Botgento navigate to Subscribers page where you can find all subscribers who confirm their subscription through Chatbot. You can find their public details like avatar, name, gender, etc. similar to below image.

You can find any subscriber by their name, status, gender, etc. with the help of grid search and filter option. By clicking on 👁icon you can see other details of subscriber.


Botgento allows you to stop auto response message for particular subscriber by adding pause timer to them. What does it actually means? Let say anyone from your team member provide live chat to subscriber, in such cases the chatbot will not interrupt their conversation. If you didn't applied pause time, then chatbot will also respond to your subscriber at a same time.



Which means your subscriber will receive messages from chatbot, broadcast, order updates, etc.


If any of subscriber status is set to unsubscribe they won't receive any broadcast messages, and automated message.

Export for Facebook Ads Campaign

If you want to run your Facebook ads campaign for your page subscriber, you can export all opt-in subscriber from Botgento. By using this export lists, you can create custom audience group while running your ads campaign.

Even if you applied unsubscribe to any subscriber they're still included in your billing plan subscribers limit. See more about our pricing plan for more details.

You can submit your concerns to our help center.