Connect Magento Store

In this article we outlines the steps to connect your chatbot with Facebook page and make it go live.

We're assuming you already create website in Botgento and installed Magento extension in your store.

Let's get started to build your chatbot.

Step 1: Login to Botgento application.

Step 2: On successful login you will be landed to website management page where you can find all of your active website list. Inside website list card, you will find CONNECT TO FACEBOOK button, by clicking on that button Botgento redirect you to chatbot configuration wizard page.

Step 3: First step contains configuration to connect Facebook account with Botgento and grant all require permission, without all those permission Botgento will not work properly. Click on CONNECT TO FACEBOOK button to continue the setup.

You can verify granted permission by look up at by clicking on Botgento app.

Step 4: If you allow the Facebook permission, you will redirect to next step i.e. Connect to a Facebook page. Note that, Botgento only fetch all those page which is associated to granted Facebook account and pages to which they have admin role.

Within the Facebook page list select page which is belongs to your Magento store and press Connect button.

Step 5: After successfully connect your Facebook page, the next step will prompt you to link Magento store with Botgento. Make sure you properly installed and enabled Magento extension before continue to this step.

In case if your store is not connected with Botgento, all shopbot functionality like abandoned cart, order updates, in-stock alert, etc. not functioning.

Step 6: If your Magento store connect with Botgento, you will be seen Setup Page Bot Configuration. On this step you can configure welcome message for you page subscribers. This message will be send when they opt-in into messenger chatbot. You can skip this step and change content from Botgento dashboard setting page.

You can submit your concerns to our help center.